Looking for a local photographer?


Hi.  My name is Stacy and I've been married to my amazing husband, Scot (with only one "t"), since October 2005.  We welcomed our first son in 2007, our second son in 2009 and our third son in 2013.  Yes, three boys and all their names start with the letter "A"!  We obviously did not think that whole name thing through, ha!  I love sweet tea, visiting antique stores and wearing work-out clothes (not because I work out but simply because they are comfy)!  


I started this photography venture the beginning of 2012.  I am a self-taught, natural light photographer based in Fayetteville, GA who loves meeting new people and being outdoors (thanks to my boys).  I love being a photographer, seeing the love and emotion between people, capturing that emotion and having that emotion being preserved in a photo.  I try to schedule my regular portrait sessions during the week or on the weekend, either early morning or late afternoon.  If I have a wedding, it is normally on a weekend and is all-day.  With that being said, since my schedule is crazy and my husband/boys need to spend time with me, I have made a promise to myself that if I have a session on the weekend, after that session, I will enjoy the rest of the day/weekend with my family.  I normally edit during the week while my two oldest are in school and again at night once all boys are in bed.


Now that you've heard my lil' story, I'd love to hear about and capture yours!